WordPress Plugins for the Serious Blogger

If your business relies on the performance of your blog or eCommerce site, you need the right tools to manage and optimize your content and community

What We Do

Keep your content always fresh

Over time, your content may become outdated. We help you to resurrect old content to continuously bring new leads

Intelligent analysis

Machine learning techniques can help you restructure your site to optimize its internal structure (tags, internal links, clusters, menus…) by analyzing your full content

Community Analysis

Which of your authors are more successful? And more engaging? What topics have a more positive response? We analyze your community of contributors and give you the insights you need to decide who should be writing next

Global communication

Be aware of all what happens on your site immediately. Connect your site with external tools like Slack to stay always on top.

We Create Fully Connected and Optimized Sites So You Can Focus On Your Business

Get all the relevant info when you need it. Let our plugins analyze and monitor your site and suggest key improvements.
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