After a simpler navigation chatbot for WordPress, the new product by Xatkit is a much more ambitious (and useful!) one: a pretrained WooCommerce chatbot.

What do we mean by pretrained chatbot?. Xatkit bots come with built-in conversations (defined and trained by Xatkit and embedded in the bot) so that you, the shop owner, don’t need to do it.

And these conversations are not just generic question/answer dialogues. As soon as the chatbot is added to your website, it will read and process all your WooCommerce data to finalize the configuration of the conversations so that users get personalized answers from your own shop definition. For instance, if a user asks about shipping options, the bot will answer the options you have defined in your shop. Same for customers asking about the status of their order, for questions on payment methods, for product recommendations and all the other built-in conversations. All this, in a plug&play mode.

You can always configure everything you want, from the look and feel to all bot’s predefined messages. And even add your own custom FAQs.

Installing Xatkit for WooCommerce is straightforward:

At this point, you’ll be ready to go. You’ll be able to use the Xatkit dashboard to configure and monitor the bot and start:

All this is powered by a powerful NLP engine that will make sure the bot understands your clients, even when they are not so clear about what they want. And if the bot fails, it will always give the option to the visitor to leave an email so that you can contact him later (and maybe update the bot to make sure next time somebody else answers the same question the bot is able to answer it).


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