Daily Writing Habit

The plugin helps in developing a writing habit by setting and tracking a daily writing goal

Good writing requires practice

This plugin helps you to form a daily writing habit by setting a daily writing goal and checking your progress against that goal.

In the Writing goals page you can define your desired writing target and the number of days to track. This second parameter is used when visualizing the report.

A widget in the dashboard will immediately remind you of the writing goal and give feedback on how far you are today from the goal.

In the Report page you’ll see a bar chart displaying the word counts from the last days plus two horizontal lines:

  • The target goal
    Your writing average in the last days

This will help you to quickly see your progress (and hopefully, encourage you to write more!).

Set and track a daily writing goal

Get immediate feedback on the dashboard

Visual monitoring of your progress and average word count

Completely free

Very easy to use

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