Duplicated Terms

This plugin helps you to quickly identify similar terms (both tags and categories) and gives you the option to merge them to simplify your site taxonomies.

Duplicated tags and categories hamper your site navigability and SEO

This WordPress plugin helps you to detect duplicated tags and categories and to merge them to simplify the navigation in your site.

In the Configuration page you can define when to signal two terms as duplicates (equal names, Levenshtein distance,…)

In the Analysis page you’ll see all the duplicates (grouped by type of term: tag duplicates, category duplicates and mixed terms duplicates). Mark those that you want to merge and the plugin will do the rest (remove the duplicated term and reassign posts tagged with that term to the merged one).

This will make sure your users have an optimal experience when using our tags and categories to browse the site and make sure they don’t miss any relevant post!

Remove irrelevant tags and categories

Simplify your taxonomies by correcting repetitive tags

Stop your taxonomies from deteriorating over time

Completely free

Very easy to use

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